About Babs Randle Symonds

After a year and a half in real estate, I made the switch to Live Urban with careful thought. From the minute I went into the annex at Live, I had a feeling this was the "just right" this salon-assisted Goldilocks was looking for. I had been encouraged to join a larger company that did not fit my vibe. I've had multiple small businesses trying to navigate the waters of being an accessible mom and having worn the hat of the owner for the past 17 years, I needed a firm that didn't micromanage my business. Enter Live Urban!

I'm a hands on person who excels and enjoys the one-on-one experience to share what I know about Denver neighborhoods and schools. My small businesses over the years have shown me the nooks and crannies and soft white underbelly of the Mile High City and I enjoy working with like-minded people who are as excited to live in Denver as I am. I consider myself a semi-native of Denver, having been a resident since 1995. My family owned a cabin in Rye’s San Isabel National Forest where I spent many happy summers but I had my first taste of Denver as a summer nanny in high school when Arapahoe Road was paved but still a bit rural in 1980.

After living in Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Lee, New Jersey I returned to Denver and got my license with Century 21 in 1997. Not looking great in gold, I gave it up after a couple of sales and returned to the 9-5 set to fly a desk with AmeriCorpsNCCC, and University of Colorado Hospital. I owned a yoga studio in South Denver’s Platte Park, walked dogs, volunteered at my kid’s school and sports but still yearned to return to real estate. I bought and sold 3 homes during those 15 years so know firsthand a buyer’s relationship with a great agent.

After spending time raising my family (nearly there with 2 East Angels and three adult stepkids who are George Washington HS grads) I finally came back to my first career love of real estate and I’m ready to help you find that perfect place to call home! My favorite part of helping people buy and sell homes is knowing the value they’re receiving and thinking of them living happy and healthy in a wonderful space.

When you’re ready to write another chapter in your book of life, give me a call and we’ll navigate the Denver market together.

What Clients Are Saying About Babs…

Q&A With Babs...

Where do you LIVE?

​Park Hill -- my awesome 1905 Denver Square takes lots of love and care, but I feel like a caretaker of history and it's a privilege to live here.

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?

​I've loved every aspect of this business since way before GPS and computers. The ink stains from looking up houses for clients in the early 90's were proud badges. I know my stuff! I expect great customer service in ​every aspect of my life and absolutely provide the high level of service I demand.

What Music Is Currently In Your iPod?

​Mish mash -- the soundtrack from South Paw sits next to Bruce Springstreen who hangs out with John Denver in my world.

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?

​The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Mile High Youth Corps, Denver East High School volleyball and lacrosse programs, Denver Health Foundation.

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?

​The Cherry Tomato at 23rd and Kearney cannot be beat for Sunday dinner!